Whether you want to be the next Ronnie Coleman or just wish for a more defined physique similar to Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, you’ll need to build muscle mass.

Here are some tips to help you build pounds of lean muscle and obtain the body of your dreams.

The law of progressive overwork simply states that you must increase the amount of reps or the amount of weight lifted every single workout in order to start muscle growth.

The body adapts to stimuli, so how do we benefit from it? Well the key is to place ever growing demand on the body, thus forcing it to repeatedly adapt. Training with weights is certainly the best method to accomplish this. You may be able to recognize exactly how much weight you can lift and can also make increases over time to spark muscle growth.

If you exercise with the exact same weight each session and carry out the same amount of repetitions, how can you be expecting your body to grow? So, if you want larger biceps, you must increase the load you are lifting each session or the amount of reps.

Perform 8-12 reps on any given work out. This will arouse most muscle growth. Lower rep ranges of say 3-6 work fine for building strength but not essentially muscle hypertrophy (growth). Higher reps e.g. 15 Р20 can really stimulate muscle growth however, it is far from optimal. You ought to be lifting a weight so heavy dbol that you cannot get further than 12 reps but light enough to let you to get at least 8 reps.

Do 6-9 sets for every body part. If you are working out with good form this is everything you’ll require fueling the muscle growth. You want to keep your workouts less than forty-five minutes to stay away from the release of hormones that actually break your muscle tissue down. Fortunately, you can accomplish this easily by doing a maximum of 9 sets for each body part.

Working a muscle tears the muscle tissue, and then it repairs and grows. Muscle fibers need to be fed in order to allow them to grow. In essence you want to consume big to be big. A good bodybuilding diet will allow you to grow with minimal fat at the same time.

Muscle equals protein. In order for muscle tissue to mend itself after your weight-training sessions it needs a large quantity of protein. A number of starters do not take an adequate protein and some more experienced guys take ridiculously large quantities of protein.

Your lean weight is your whole body weight less the amount of fat you are carrying. You will want to know your body fat percentage for this. If you are uncertain about this, you can get a good approximation by using the ‘Body Fat Calculator’. Another good rule of thumb is to eat 1 gram of protein for every pound of total body weight. So a 160 lb man must take 160 grams of protein per day.